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Enhancing a Fleet Management Solution for an Industry Leader

We helped our client integrate a fleet management solution into Salesforce and improve the revenue stream by optimizing the billing and invoicing processes

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Client & product

WABCO is a global leader in innovating and delivering commercial vehicle technologies with 150 years of experience on the market. Today, they offer solutions for advanced driver assistance, braking, stability control, suspension, and more under the umbrella of WABCO Fleet Solutions.

In an effort to maximize their efficiency, WABCO purchased TRAXEE, a digital fleet management system. TRAXEE tracks, displays, and records the vital data of fleet operation, but to integrate it into WABCO, it needed to be enhanced and improved.


While the task was quite straightforward, it still was challenging. The WABCO executives were looking to set up an ecommerce platform for online sales in the system to meet their plan on increasing revenue. The client also wanted to improve and scale the TRAXEE fleet management solution, which required complete legacy code refactoring.

Besides fixing the legacy code of the solution and making it scalable, we built new features that enhanced user functionality and process management. This included features that helped set up the online order and payment processes like billing and invoicing with a unified payment provider and real-time VAT and tax calculation and validation. We made sure the new functions didn’t trigger SFDC limits.

What we did
  • Leading the TRAXEE development team by one of our senior engineers. He set up the VCS, defined the proper git-flow, established communication, and reviewed the team’s code on top of architecting and developing the system
  • A Customer Community Portal with B2B Commerce Cloud and features like registering new clients, renewing subscriptions (monthly, yearly) using credit cards and traditional invoices, managing customer billing and invoicing data, and more
  • Multilingual support for the entire TRAXEE system (22 languages)
  • Design, automatization, and implementation of system emails and notifications
  • Integration with System of Record, SAP Order Management System, and Payment Provider
  • Real-time VAT calculation and validation
  • Improved the revenue stream thanks to simplified billing and invoicing
  • Made managing orders, billing, and invoicing effortless; allowed viewing invoices and downloading them in the PDF format
  • Implemented payment with complex scenarios and management of various payment methods (creating/updating/deleting credit cards)
  • Enhanced the overall data quality of the product and made sure the implementation was scalable
  • Replaced old features with new ones from recent Salesforce releases

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