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Property Management Firm

Simplifying house managing routine with Salesforce

The firm worked with Noltic to digitize property management. We implemented a Salesforce CRM Service. The app and a web portal developed by Noltic have changed the company operations boosting up the efficiency of the company, simplifying several essential processes, and delivering tangible cost-efficiency increase.

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Client & product

The UK’s leading property management company delivers solutions for developments to make it safe, clean and comfortable for living. The company covers property and asset management, consultancy, sales and lettings, retirement home search, insurance services, and more.

Noltic has been referred to the client by one of our long-term partners, ThirdEye Consulting.


The firm has multiple groups of customers: vendors, landlords, owners, renters etc. The challenge was to create a scalable, flexible, and completely reliable platform capable of processing simultaneous inquiries from all the users.

The system was to become a solution for remote property management and budgeting that would allow property owners to quickly access the budgeting data as well as all the necessary information regarding the clients and possible property-related issues. Their clients, in turn, would receive the information regarding the repair and maintenance works. The system would provide efficient management of the business from onboarding new tenants, resolving issues during the stay and offboarding the tenants.

What we did
  • Consulting the clients on the possibility of using Salesforce for dealing with large amounts of customer data
  • Using Mulesoft integration platform for faster and more secure financial operations:
    implementing a possibility to use secure payments 24/7 and visualizing the payment status
  • Development of custom and user-friendly workflow for creating cases and tracking the status of each case throughout its lifecycle
  • Development of an app and a follow-up web portal for collaboration
  • Implementation of a picture sharing feature
  • Automation of case creation and case resolution process for the Service team
  • Simplified some of the essential processes through automation and integration
  • Improved the performance of the Service team by speeding up the case creation process
  • Improved the resolution and efficiency for users by offering visual content
  • Improved the case closure rate by automating the case resolution process
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Property Management Firm
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