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A German employer branding agency approached Noltic having problems customizing the Salesforce environment to their needs. We’ve consulted emplify on the possible ways to improve their data maintenance and processing practices. Working together, we created an immersive digital storefront inspired by the in-store experience. Our approach makes the site feel like a natural extension of the brand.

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Client & product

Emplify is a full-service firm with a mission to turn the HR world upside down. The team delivers everything from the job advertisements and building employer branding to individual HR software. The Stuttgart-based employer branding agency has been using Salesforce for a while, but they still needed certain adjustments and customizations added to their digital environment. They asked Noltic to improve the already existing company CRM functionality.


Emplify`s previous CRM vendor relied on rigid systems with limited opportunities. The main task for our Salesforce consultants and developers was to come up with a set of solutions to both fix what was done poorly and create opportunities for the further improvement of the company’s digital environment.

What we did
  • Implemented a custom application to import and manage multiple Opportunities from Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets. The Opportunities would be saved & optionally converted to Orders
  • Designed a specific custom order numbering that fits clients business process
  • Developed an onboarding component that helped client onboard their clients quicker
  • Implemented an invoice generation process for the end customer
  • Designed an opportunity renewal process
  • Set up service notifications for external clients and internal team
  • Improved business flow & adoption of Salesforce in the organization
  • Reduced overall time spent on data entry & manipulation
  • Created a better overview of all business activities thanks to organized reporting feature
  • Improved data maintenance within Salesforce for the client
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