Streamlining recruitment operations with the NY-based firm

We have maintained a tool for human resources management with a boutique business in the Financial Services sector. With a Luna project we captured the entire recruitment process and made it flexible.

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Client & product

Makosi is the global leader in on-demand audit talent. They bring new employees to companies. Most of their clients are businesses in the Financial and Tech industries. Makosi deploys teams on-site, virtual, and pre-build digital workers. They also cover the visas and logistics for on-site teams. We love the custom approach to the work that Makosi shows: they discover the specific nuances of their clients before driving a workforce strategy for them.


Makosi began its journey with Noltic in 2019 by building a Luna project. The idea was to create an HR-tool for recruiters and candidates to manage application forms, the pipeline, filter data, make data analyses, protect data, and more. Makosi actively uses Salesforce, and integration of some basic recruitment processes into Salesforce was the first step of the Luna project. That sparked as a long-term project. Now we develop custom features for the recruiting system and we have a goal to develop Luna as a tool with broad functionality for human resources management.

What we did
  • Recruitment system with adaptable recruitment processes
  • Customization of each recruitment stage
  • Standard layout customization to display and use recruitment-related functionality within the standard view avoiding extensive development
  • Simple and interactive UI with functional and useful UX
  • Lightning solution that includes custom LWC designs based on SLDS
  • Captured the entire recruitment process, where the recruiter can easily find an appropriate candidate for a certain position by skills and previous experience
  • Managed recruitment flow in a way to track changes and related activities from a single place
  • Made a flexible recruitment flow with decoupling dependency on a strict and fixed amount of recruitment steps
  • Optimized candidate assignment management
  • Implemented ability to add recruitment stages in an automated way on a triggered action
  • Created advanced applicant search mechanism, which among other features – avoids duplicate assignments for already assigned candidates
  • Developed a skill matching mechanism to see and compare candidates’ skill set according to selected options
  • Recruitment flow panel with possibility to manage current applicant progress
  • Improved and speed up manual data entry by pre-populating data for related records
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