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Digital Solutions and Innovations for HoReCa businesses

Client was looking to commercialize the products for the restaurant, hotel, and retail organizations using Salesforce.

The solution had to be integrated with multiple 3rd paty systems including payment gateways and order management.

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Client & product

Hospitality Digital was established by METRO AG to enable digitalisation of the hospitality sector by implementing a variety of digital solutions and innovations for hotels, restaurants, caterers and trader businesses.

The main purpose of the project was commercialization of digital products and tools from HD and their partners to owners and management of the businesses in the hospitality sector that would add value to their business. The sales were to be made from self-service portal (DISH) as well as through call-center agents using the Salesforce platform.

DISH is one of HD’s solutions – an online platform combining all must-have digital restaurant tools in one place. Across 15 countries, the platform has already over 180,000 restaurant websites and generated more than 1,000,000 table reservations on top.

Project scope included development of Salesforce and Heroku solutions, integration of payment system, CTI, setup of Sales & Service clouds and improvements of the sales flow among other items.


The client’s business aim is to commercialize digital products and tools that were created by HD and their partners for the hospitality market. Examples of such products were Internet Presence, Reservation Tool and Web Listing. We had to ensure successful flow of the two main channels of sale for this digital tools:

  1. DISH self-service portal. The backbone of the DISH portal is Heroku platform that does synchronization of DISH and it’s subsystems with Salesforce, as well as integration with other 3rd party services and tools, including payment gateways.
  2. Call-center by using improved and optimized Sales flow. One of the challenges was to improve performance and decrease costs of customer acquisition through call-center agents. Some of the KPIs that were targeted were Average Talk Time (ATT) and After Call Work (ACW).

The big challenge was to make sure a seamless experience for customers, regardless of the sales channel that was used to make the sale. Advanced synchronization solution between Salesforce and DISH platform was required that would use a combination of real time and deferred synchronization to make sure that the customer had this seamless experience.

Moreover, the original CRM solution based on Salesforce, that HD used, was completely segregated from the rest of the sales ecosystem and architecture. Thus another challenge was to create a fully integrated system based on Salesforce that would incorporate the whole sales process from lead generation to payment processing and support.

Restaurant sites
Table reservations
What we did
  • Redesign of the CRM architecture to improve performance, overcome Salesforce limits and provide better integration and communication with other services
  • Implementation and ongoing support of the payment processing system based on Heroku, Salesforce and FinancialForce and integrates with multiple payment gateways
  • Utilizing Heroku Connect & Streaming API to ensure data synchronization between various systems
  • Implementation of custom REST API for integration with other systems
  • Improvement of the sales process to increase the effectiveness of the call center
  • Automation of customer subscription maintenance
  • Automation of lead import and processing from multiple data sources using Talend – web, partners, marketing campaigns
  • Integration with Vonage Contact Center (NewVoiceMedia) and Lithium (Khoros) Community
  • Integration of the PCI Pall payment for ensuring instant payments for the customers during the call with the call center agents
  • Improvement of lead conversion process by automation, data validation, and data mapping
  • Decreased maintenance costs of the CRM system
  • Decreased lead conversion time
  • Improved lead import time and decreased error rate
  • Increased revenue due to the commercialization of products
  • Improved call center performance and KPIs (decreasing ATT and ACW)
  • Increased efficiency, decreased costs and human error in the whole sales process

As of now, the platform has already over 180,000 restaurant websites and generated more than 1,000,000 table reservations on top across 15 countries.

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