Designing a Barcode App Customizable for Various Business Needs

From a simple product of 1D barcode generation for Salesforce users to a sophisticated solution with 2D barcode generation and barcode scanning within the Salesforce mobile app, Noltic helped make this product a success with over 100 clients and increasing with every month.

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Client & product

Gimbal Logic is an IT service provider that builds comprehensive cloud-based solutions for accounting, inventory management, and workflow automation for companies from the manufacturing, construction, and professional services industries.

Gimbal Barcode is a mobile application for barcode generation and scanning developed by Noltic. It lets users create and print barcode tags and labels that correspond to different records in Salesforce. Using the application allows you to improve inventory management, document management and processing along with time tracking for employees.


Our task was to develop a solution for generating and scanning 1D scan codes (barcodes) or 2D scan codes (QR-codes, data matrices) that could update Salesforce standard or custom objects according to the retrieved information.

What we did
  • Generation and scanning of barcodes and 2D codes (supports most popular formats like 128b, 39, EAN-13, i2of5, UPC-A, GS1) using Java ZXing and TBarcode
  • Integration of scan code generation and sending images with Salesforce using a third-party REST web service
  • Scanning barcodes with Android and iOS mobile devices using a built-in camera, mobile app and laser scanning for devices like Zebra
  • A set of pre-built functions to cover the most popular use-cases for different types of businesses (inventory management, driver’s license scanning, event attendees tracking, etc.)
  • A managed package (a redistributable and upgradeable set of components) to communicate with the mobile app and the web service as well as consolidate the barcode scanning and generating functionalities

Noltic helped make the product a success with over 100 clients and counting. We transformed a simple 1D barcode generation app for Salesforce users into a sophisticated solution with 1D and 2D-codes generation.

The solution we developed helps with:

  • Document control – streamlined data processing, sorting, and entry using barcodes on documents
  • Serialized inventory and barcoding – inventory management with Salesforce from item arrival till shipment through barcode tags with serial numbers
  • Conferences, events, and meetings – convenient attendee management for public events with emailing, printing, and scanning unique barcoded badges
  • Time cards – integrating a time card app with Salesforce to track employee attendance in and out using barcodes
  • Return authorizations (RMAs) – managing the RMA process on service vehicles using barcodes
  • Syncing with customers and suppliers – enabling communication between customers and suppliers via a barcode system throughout the supply chain
  • Customer returns – automating the handling of customer return cases in Salesforce through emailing, printing, scanning, and automatically processing barcodes
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