Improving Sales & Service Business Process for an AI Company

Guuru’s business growth dictated new rules for CRM system functionality. We helped them achieve this point. Noltic organized a smooth migration from HubSpot to Salesforce, including data migration and integration between two systems. We now support Guuru anytime they want to broaden their Salesforce functionality.

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Client & product

Guuru is a Zurich-based company that helps other businesses to set-up customer service processes: personal, instant, 24/7. The company guarantees its clients the all-in-one smart customer interaction solution. To make its solution fully-automated and with a high customer satisfaction rate, Guuru combines AI and human expertise. Its routing engine makes sure that incoming customer inquiries will be answered in real-time most effectively: by the Guuru chatbot, by the companies’ most experienced customers, or by their agents.

The company was founded in 2015. The other client of Noltic recommended us to Guuru as Salesforce experts and we started to collaborate at the end of 2019.


Guuru has been using a CRM system that is effective for getting small businesses up quickly. As the company grew, they needed to process a bigger amount of clients related data and to optimize workflows for different departments. The CRM functions became too limited for the size of business Guuru has reached. The lead generation and marketing processes required integration with third-party services. As a result, Guuru chose Salesforce as a new tool to improve the customer relationships management process. Noltic was in charge of a smooth migration from the HubSpot system to Salesforce. Also, for some specific marketing processes, Guuru wanted to keep the HubSpot, so we also had a goal to organize a smooth collaboration between two systems.

What we did
  • Integration with third-party service (SimilarWeb, Hubspot, Leadfeeder) to get a simplified view of aggregate data and help decide on relevant data
  • Developing a custom component to provide users with a simple point and click UI and thought through UX
  • Process defining and implementation with help of Process Builder and Workflow, Custom Apex development
  • Data extraction, clean-up, transformation to Salesforce format and migration into Salesforce
  • Setup Salesforce from scratch including data migration
  • Implemented Selective Sync from Salesforce to HubSpot
  • Optimized work processes of different Sales and Service departments
  • Increased Sales and Service velocity
  • Decreased Service Cases resolution time and simplified service process
  • Developed processes for Sales Users, Customer Success Users and Business Development Users

Guuru is highly satisfied with the work done by Noltic team and they have already recommended us as Salesforce experts to other companies.

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