Marketing Cloud Implementation for an American Banking Institution

Noltic’s Salesforce certified Marketing Cloud specialists have worked with a unique customer – a leading forward-thinking American Bank – to create a unified analytics-based environment for deep personalization of customer-directed communications and managing a digital knowledge base for the lawyer community.

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Client & product

This leading American Bank is dedicated to serving the specific needs of law firms, offering specialized banking services for law firms, merchant services, commercial real estate, and both business and personal banking. Operating primarily in the B2B field, the Bank collaborates closely with law firms, empowering them to operate efficiently through the integration of advanced tech stack. Established in 2006 and headquartered in New York, the Bank extends its services to clients across the globe. It was founded by attorneys, for attorneys, ensuring a deep understanding of the unique financial requirements of law firms. The client's primary objective is not only to facilitate payment processing but also to foster growth and progress for businesses by providing cutting-edge tools to finance case costs and expand case inventory.


The Bank’s marketing team is driven by the hyperpersonalization approach that is based on multiple customer attributes that are taken into account when managing targeted communication. This way of doing marketing has proven to be a lot more successful not only in maintaining fruitful and personalized relationships with customers but also in bringing in perfectly qualified leads. However, this approach is also highly resource requiring and needs multiple layers of automation. That is where Noltic’s Marketing Cloud certified specialists’ extensive experience became a decisive factor in selecting the right vendor for our client.

The idea of hyperpersonalization is closely related to managing large amounts of customer data. Since the Salesforce solutions ecosystem is designed to handle all types of business operations without the need to constantly migrate this data between multiple channels, it made sense to power marketing operations with Salesforce and build it around a brand-new CRM system in the same environment to achieve a perfect sync. Noltic has been working with the Bank on their CRM implementation as well, and we have a great story about it.

The goal for Marketing Cloud implementation was to construct an effective user engagement system that would improve the way customers experience banking services. It needed advanced analytics, user journey and communication tools. We've built a Marketing Package so that the client could better understand their specific B2B clients’ personas and effectively market banking services to their customer base using deeply specific analytics.

The Noltic team has been working closely with the client’s internal team since 2018 to build effective communication channels, develop solutions for content management and automate email marketing. We have implemented data gathering and analyzing instruments thus increasing user engagement by creating a 360 personalized environment around the end customer.

What we did
  • Enhancing Marketing Cloud user experience in Content Builder using drag’n’drop to add content widgets and having built reusable components;
  • Setting up user data gathering using website integrations for conversion tracking (breadcrumbs, page visits, clicks, etc);
  • Configuration of landing pages with HTML, CSS development, responsive mobile design, and supported lead generation;
  • Implementing events capturing for WordPress site for all events and integration of data into Salesforce;
  • Setting up the Content Builder tool with AMP-script development, Server-side JavaScript (SSJS), template generation including reusable templates, a custom widget using Block SDK and Node.js and a Component for quick setup of a Web-to-Lead form with styling and other parameters;
  • Implementing an easy campaign email sending logic to increase sales velocity with HTML, CSS, unsubscribe feature, targeting sending, triggered emails for different stages of the customer lifecycle, customization for different platforms (Mobile, Outlook), recipient lists and dynamic parameters (variables).
  • The automated email sending process has resulted in 3x Click to Open Rate and close to 3x Click Through Rate compared to average industry conversion results;
  • In 2 years after implementing Salesforce – both the CRM and the Marketing Cloud solutions – the client has more than 50% landing law firm clients coming from digital marketing;
  • Smooth content management in a knowledge base with an intuitive design;
  • Ability to collect deep customer data to create detailed target personas for building adjusted personalized messages and other types of user content;
  • Advanced service marketing options for better reach of the current user base and prospective customers.
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