CRM Implementation for a Full-service American Bank

A 5-year checkpoint of our collaboration with one of the leading American B2B-focused banks that approached Noltic with an idea for a new CRM to improve the way they maintain customer data. The client needed some serious improvements to their pre-existing setup, and we’ve managed to accomplish all of the customer’s goals.

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Client & product

The leading American Bank specializes in law firm banking, merchant services, commercial real estate and business & personal banking. The Bank primarily cooperates with law firms helping them work as modern businesses should by implementing data quality tools. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York, the Bank provides its services to clients worldwide and is built by attorneys for attorneys with a clear understanding of the financial needs of law firms. The main goal of the financial institution is to not just process payments, but help the businesses grow and evolve by using cutting-edge tools for financing their case costs and growing case inventory.


The Bank’s drive to help the law firms has led them to the idea of creating a new app for reports and analytics collection as well as a brand-new CRM system, and that is where they came in contact with Noltic. To achieve business objectives, the Bank needed substantial improvements to customer data maintenance. This would speed up sales, boost revenue, and minimize the sales team interaction with the CRM giving more time for interactions with the clients. The project goal was to keep track of customer data and use it effectively for daily operations.

The Bank was looking for a reliable vendor, experienced in CRM implementation. We started our cooperation in September 2018 and the relationship is ongoing. Noltic effectively collaborates with the client’s internal team developing new Salesforce functionalities by request. We've also built a Marketing Package and a product that is separate from the CRM and uses Laravel technology. It's a bespoke third-party product on a Salesforce platform.

What we did
  • Implementing a customizable CRM with fully reimagined UI based on the Industry requirements;
  • Improving marketing functionality by developing a Sales Console tool for marketing users for additional automation and support of engagement campaigns;
  • Implementing Lead & Opportunity Automation/Management;
  • Setting up a Customized Lead Conversion process including custom components, multiple leads conversion, and duplicates alert system;
  • Implementing an interactive Sales Console that speeds up loading by SPA, supports various campaigns, and includes charts;
  • Custom website to Sales Cloud integration (e.g. WordPress site user data analysis and linking data to leads);
  • Implementing custom features within customer’s CRM –  Creation Process with duplicate checks using custom smart search algorithms and clean data, Summary Page, Conversion Process that helps with defined related leads and saves Sales team’s time, Product Interest Integration that helps make deals more accurate, Lead Scoring System to define leads with most revenue, and Account Profile Questions to get most data for future deals.
  • Implementing an AppExchange managed package and ETL Integration between this package and the CRM with specific parameters (Collecting financial data - Personal recommendation - Calculating possible Loan amount based on financial data - Analytics).
  • Increased Sales velocity & revenue while reducing the time consumption for the client’s internal teams;
  • Minimizing manual CRM operations for Bank’s employees giving more time to interact with their clients;
  • Easy onboarding of new employees and new customers’ data input with an intuitive interface and automated user engagement processes;
  • Easily scalable instruments that make it simple to use the updated processes for the client’s systems that were not yet affected at this stage of our cooperation with the Bank.
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