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10 Reasons to Outsource Your Salesforce Product Development
December 3, 2023
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10 Reasons to Outsource Your Salesforce Product Development

Why outsourcing Salesforce Product Development is an effective solution for your business.

I. Introduction

In this dynamic era, where innovation is key and resources are valuable commodities, businesses are increasingly turning to outsource Salesforce product development. Why? Because it’s probably the best thing you can do if your goal is to create a product that is fast, efficient, and customer-oriented. Essentially, you dedicate a mission to develop a game-changing product to experienced professionals, who will design, develop, deliver, and support your application. Once they are done, you’ll be able to showcase your product on AppExchange, a renowned marketplace platform for outstanding Salesforce products. By the way, passing the AppExchange security review can be tricky due to the stringent security requirements. It can take weeks, if not months, before your product can reach its target audience. However, if you opt to outsource your Salesforce product development to a PDO with a versatile portfolio, they will manage these processes, leaving you to focus solely on the most crucial aspects.

But why do so many businesses choose Salesforce product development outsourcing over in-house development?

II. Reasons to Outsource Salesforce Product Development

In the context of Salesforce, PDOs are a broad range of consulting partners and vendors with a deep expertise in consulting, designing, developing, and maintaining commercial applications, along with other services like marketing and selling your product. These partners and vendors cover the entire product development life cycle, or augment an ISV Partner development team. In other words, PDOs deal with all the technical issues, including 3rd party integrations and technical support.

PDO offers a plethora of advantages. Firstly, these products are tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of businesses, aligning perfectly with specific processes and workflows for a seamless integration with existing systems. Secondly, the streamlined processes and automated tasks achieved through custom Salesforce products result in remarkable efficiency gains, leading to increased productivity and long-term cost savings. Moreover, custom products provide a competitive edge by offering distinctive features and functionalities not found in off-the-shelf solutions, thus attracting more customers and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Developing custom Salesforce products benefits a wide range of organizations, including enterprises with complex processes, unique SMBs looking to compete with larger competitors, as well as sales, marketing, service, and support teams seeking optimized workflows. Nonprofit organizations can also leverage tailored solutions for efficient donor management and program coordination.

But why is Salesforce product development outsourcing better than hiring an in-house team of Salesforce developers? In short, it’s faster, cheaper, and easier. As an Expert in Product Development Outsourcing with 20+ PDO projects delivered and 15 apps submitted to AppExchange, Noltic can guarantee that outsourcing your development team is often a very sensible choice.

1. End-to-End Expertise

Salesforce PDOs offer comprehensive technical support across all project phases, from initial discovery to AppExchange app development, deployment, and implementation. Their full-scope involvement ensures a seamless development journey.

2. Focused Business Priorities

With PDOs handling custom development, integrations, and app deployments, you can direct your attention to core business and product challenges. This alignment enhances your strategic focus and accelerates innovation.

3. Holistic Security Approach

PDOs prioritize security throughout the entire development lifecycle, not just at the outset or conclusion. This approach safeguards your application's integrity and data, mitigating potential risks.

4. Collaborative Technical Alignment

Working closely with your business team, PDOs ensure that technical project requirements align seamlessly with your organizational goals. This collaboration minimizes issues and discrepancies.

5. Effortless Salesforce Security Review

PDOs manage the Salesforce security review process, especially for ISV cases. Their expertise ensures compliance and a smooth review process, saving you time and ensuring approval.

6. Agile Capacity Expansion

PDOs can simultaneously engage in multiple projects, offering development capacity and expertise to other Salesforce consulting companies. This agility prevents development bottlenecks.

7. Cost-Effective Approach

Partnering with offshore or nearshore Salesforce PDOs allows cost reduction while maximizing project profitability. This cost-effectiveness enhances ROI without compromising quality.

8. Strategic Insights

PDOs provide insider knowledge on product strategies, enabling informed business decisions that set your application apart. This insight adds a competitive edge to your product offering.

9. Knowledge Transfer

PDOs facilitate seamless knowledge transfer through technical documentation. This resource empowers your clients to collaborate effectively with other partners, ensure codebase updates, and integrate with different systems.

10. Effective Pre-Sales Support

Leveraging PDOs, you can conduct successful technical pre-sales processes, accurately assessing project timelines and budgets. This precision enhances client confidence and project planning.

By recognizing these benefits, you can gain a deeper understanding of the value proposition offered by Salesforce PDOs. This knowledge equips you to make informed decisions regarding outsourcing your Salesforce product development, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency, quality, and success.

Interested in working with Noltic? Contact us to benefit from our extensive expertise in PDO

III. Noltic’s Success Stories

Noltic, proudly boasting the prestigious Expert badge, has firmly established itself as a distinguished Salesforce partner, excelling in the field of Product Development Outsourcing (PDO).

At Noltic we believe that once a customer trusts us with an idea, we should take responsibility for the entire Salesforce product development process. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we only work with mature ideas — our experts apply their expertise and experience to help you work out the most promising solution based on your initial requirements. Essentially, Noltic’s approach to Salesforce product development covers:

  • Ideation and Value Proposition
  • Architecture & UX Design
  • Development and QA
  • Release Management
  • Security Review
  • AppExchange Submission
  • AppExchange Listing, Trials and Demo
  • Package Review & Optimization
  • Marketing Support
  • Product Support

But we don’t like bragging about our accomplishments without showcasing actual results.  

Helping drive B2B sales teams to close more opportunities with a sales execution tool

Noltic has recently completed an impressive project that showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions. Our focused approach to product delivery resulted in the development of a highly acclaimed application, now available on AppExchange, with a stellar 5-star rating. With utmost attention to detail, our team covered all technical aspects, including app architecture and Salesforce-specific elements, ensuring a seamless user experience. Leveraging our deep expertise, we designed the core functionality directly within the Salesforce platform, empowering organizations with features such as opportunity qualification, customer relationship alignment, and sales process execution. Furthermore, we successfully guided the app through a rigorous security review on AppExchange, solidifying its position as a trusted and reliable solution.

vDoc — a Salesforce app for Zenoo, a Salesforce-native ID verification and compliance platform

Noltic's Salesforce PDO expertise proved instrumental in empowering Zenoo to streamline their customer onboarding processes within the Salesforce ecosystem. Through the collaborative efforts of Noltic and Zenoo, the vDoc solution addressed critical pain points by reducing the back-office burden associated with onboarding, optimizing document management workflows, ensuring reliable data validation through integration with top data providers, and enabling real-time synchronization of customer data. These enhancements led to a remarkable transformation of Zenoo's onboarding processes, resulting in improved efficiency, enhanced fraud prevention, and an exceptional overall customer experience.

HireGenius — an all-in-one tool for recruiters seeking to automate their processes

HireGenius is a cutting-edge full-cycle recruitment platform, designed to streamline the hiring process by automating numerous everyday recruitment tasks. Noltic played a crucial role as the development partner, working on the backend of this cloud-based Salesforce platform. We successfully delivered custom builds, ensuring the platform's seamless functionality and efficiency in optimizing the recruitment workflow.

Noltic stands out as not only a distinguished Salesforce product development outsourcing partner but also a visionary developer of its own innovative products. Check out our products for more information.

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