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How UCU Uses Salesforce to Improve Relationships with Fundraising Donors, Students, and Academic Staff

Noltic used Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to improve daily operations and drive the success of students, donors, academic staff, and partners.

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Client & product

Ukrainian Catholic University is a private university based in Lviv with around 500 academic staff and 2400 students studying at 6 faculties. Since 2018, UCU's entering students have had the highest External independent evaluation scores in the country. In 2017, UCU was included in the book “10 Most Successful Ukrainian Brands'', a list of the best companies and organizations in Ukraine in various industries.

The university has chosen Salesforce, the #1 CRM for education, to optimize the general management of the organization. The team has partnered with Noltic for Salesforce implementation because of our proven expertise in Salesforce, specifically in the Salesforce non-profit cloud. Additionally, Noltic has fostered a longstanding partnership with UCU, providing support to its students and boasting a number of UCU alumni among our talented team members. This time, we supported the university by delivering a Salesforce solution on a partly pro-bono agreement.


Ukrainian Catholic University is widely known for its high educational standards, accessibility, transparent organizational structure, innovative approaches to study programs, and a big international community that supports the institution. To keep the ecosystem effective, it was crucial to unify and optimize daily operations for processes like fundraising, recruitment, student and employee management, international affairs, and administration. The very first goal was to gather all the information that was initially distributed across various documents and departments in one place. Then we had to set up a process for managing all internal and external holders: donors, administration, students, alumni, partners, professors, guest lecturers, etc.

What we did
  • Customer 360 Platform: our comprehensive suite of services includes AppBuilder, Integration Services, JavaScript, Platform, Process Automation, Security, and Privacy;
  • Streamlined fundraising processes with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud;
  • Seamlessly integrated with a third-party application that enables efficient data collection and retention. This integration serves multiple purposes such as fundraising, student and employee recruitment, organising the student lifecycle, and more;
  • Enhanced the university website by implementing a live chat feature for prospective students;
  • Enabled automatic replies to questions from current and prospective students by integrating with a messenger platform;
  • Streamlined workflow by integrating with Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Sheets;
  • Proposing the use of ASANA project management software for communication and implementation monitoring, UCU aimed for effective collaboration. Additionally, they developed a workflow model for the development and implementation of user stories.

Salesforce technology has become a tool for improving daily operations and driving the success of students, donors, academic staff, and partners. UCU’s Salesforce journey has just begun in 2022, and is now on its way to transforming UCU’s general management.

  • Optimized fundraising processes and improved communication with donors through personalization, donor engagement, planned giving, annual giving, etc;
  • Enabled donation tracking;
  • Optimized the internal process of student recruitment for improved efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Reduced the amount of errors during data entry;
  • Decreased the amount of time required for data entry and validation;
  • Unified the questionnaire process;
  • Created an accessible data infrastructure;
  • Achieved seamless integration with the university accounting system;
  • Conducted a better analysis of the completed work;
  • Improved data collection across systems and departments.
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